Free Lean Training

5S Training Course

5s training product graphic

Free 5S Training Course which covers detailed explanation
of the 5S phases over 9 lessons :

- 5S Introduction
- Detailed explanations of each of the 5S
- Implementing 5S
- Teaching others about 5S



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Seven Wastes Course

Seven Wastes Training Course


Our Free Seven Wastes Training Course gives a
detailed explanation of the Seven Wastes over 6
lessons and introduces a specific method for
identifying the Seven Wastes


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2 Responses to Free Lean Training

  • Phyo Kywe Myint says:

    Great Idea!

  • Chris Coles says:

    Hi Graham,
    Your training presentations are excellent. I am looking to upgrade my current 5s, process mapping and Waste training slides. Can you help?

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